Who we are

Lizzie Davies BSc (Hons) MA RCSLT HCPC

Speech and Language Therapist

  • I have 20 years' experience working as a speech and language therapist in a variety of settings such as children's own homes, nurseries, preschools, primary and secondary schools and special educational settings.
  • I have experience assessing and treating children with a range of educational needs in groups and on one-to-one basis and over a decade working in primary and secondary schools in Bridgwater to improve educational attainment of children through raising language levels.
  • I have extensive experience working in the NHS with preschool and school aged children.
  • I have a track record in effective collaboration, working alongside, and training, many professionals such as head teachers, teachers, SENCOs, teaching assistants, Somerset County advisors and Early Years Area SENCOs, Educational Psychologists and paediatricians